How I Work

  1. Understand the problem
    Interview users or review user research to develop an understanding of the user's goals. Set goals for what you hope to achive.
  2. Understand the current solutions
    Examine how users are currently solving their problems. Are they currently using a different app to solve this problem? An excel spreadsheet? A pen and paper?
  3. Ideation and sketching
    diverge and explore possible solutions to the problem in the form of sketching. Keep the sketches simple to iterate through ideas quickly.
  4. Prototyping
    Review the sketches and pick the best ideas, or combination of the best ideas, and present them in a high enough fidelity to properly convey how the interface will function.
  5. Testing
    Present the prototype to as many users as possible. Gather feedback. Iterate based on that feedback.
  6. Implementation
    build the damn thing...
  7. Measure and iterate
    What's working? How could it be better? Continue to improve in a measurable way.