Nov ’13 - Present


LeadIn is a unique project in that it's a 2-man team within HubSpot building a brand new product. We havent't used any HubSpot resources and are essentially operating as a start-up. We were tasked with building a free WordPress plugin to allow for some type of marketing functionality. What that functionality was, was up to us. We spent a month doing customer interviews and honing in on a simple core usecase. We decided on simple lead tracking that works right out of the box.


  • Build something that serves a single usecase
  • Make setup/learning curve super simple
  • Don't give the user "shit work"


  • Pretty much everything :)

What I learned

  • Product design goes far beyond visuals
  • How to orcestrate an entire customer experience from marketing to support
  • How to make the most of the resources I have
  • How to build a brand, both tangable and non-tangable aspects

LeadIn Homepage

Developed the branding and messaging for the website. Also wrote all the code.

LeadIn Leads List

Shows all the site visitors who have filled out a form on your site. LeadIn works without any setup, just install the plugin and our JS will detect your existing forms.

LeadIn Contact Detail

Each lead will have a timeline of visits and form submissions on your site. The plan is to add more integrations to enrich the timeline.