HubSpot Dashboard

Fall ’12


I was the lead designer for the project to reimagine the HubSpot Dashboard. The dashboard is the central hub of the product and is critical to user engagement.


  • Increase engagement
  • Help users understand the breath of HubSpot
  • Design a modular system to allow for customization
  • Improve zero state


  • User Research
  • Ideation and Mockups
  • Front end code

What I learned

  • How to conduct interviews and how to properly gain insights from them
  • How to think in systems instead of singular screens and elements
  • The nuance of dashboard design. What's my number and is that good or bad?

HubSpot Dashboard

The three most important numbers to HubSpot customers are total visits, leads, and customers. You're also able to change the timeframe and what you're comparing it to.

HubSpot Dashboard Lower

Here are the lower modules, you'll notice that each module has the same layout and can grow or shrink. You'll also notice the colors for each module, these colors are consistent throughout the product.


Users can reaarrange their dashboard on a per user level based on what they care about the most. For example, some marketers are only focused on blogging, so the blog module may be most important to them.